Youth Training Camp in Italy

ITALY 2013

Youth Training Camp in Italy – report by Maria Silvia Viti

Thanks to the invitation of the OC of the 5 days of Appennines I had the possibility to visit The Youth Training Camp organized the week before the 5 days. Gianluca Carbone, event director, welcome me on a sunny Italian afternoon on 25 July at Villa Piaggio. It Is a nice location, an old Villa transformed in Youth hostel situated
near by the small village of Torriglia in a little green garden with facilities , football field and hobby hall.

3 Russian teams 1 Swiss team representing the Ticino selection, 1 Romanian team and 1 Italian, In total 90 people including trainers and some parents, were hosted in this place. All of them accepted with enthusiasm the generous offer of a free accommodation per one week done by the Organizing Committee including the possibility to prolong their stay one more week to take part in the 5 days of Appennines paying 15 euro per day plus 10 euro for meals. The age of the groups was between 10 and 20 years and the level was quite high for the presence of some of the JWOC 2013 medalists.

Every day a different training: middle, long, sprint and relay
3 different levels of exercises was offered at the young athletes considering the different ages and experiences. Maps are offered by the OC but the preparation of trainings was the responsibility of the hosted teams. The training quality was ensured by the presence of Francesco Guglielmetti and Maja Kunz (Swiss), Massimo Bianchi (ITA), and Volkov (Russia).

I could appreciate the quality of food prepared by the Vocational School ” IPSSA Nino Bergese ” of Genova. During the dinner I could enjoy the company of so many young people. This offered me the chance to speak with them to know their impression after 5 days of training camp. The positive feed back was unanimous, someone pointed out the importance of different training experiences and the value of doing something new.

Moreover I wanted to know how important was for all of them the socializing experience and asked them to give a mark from 1 to 10, one of the girl answered 15 and all of them seemed to agree with her.

After the dinner a conversation with the trainers focused on positive and negative aspects of the camp. The positive value of this initiative is recognized by everybody, including parents, Alexander Schein, Seergeva lubov e Kostantin Volkov leaders of the 3 groups from St. Petersburg said that the offer of a free accomodation gave to them the opportunity for training in the Italian terrains 15 days with a low budget. GIanni Guglielmetti wishes a future improvement of this experience and suggested a better communication between participants and Organizers in order to produce a good quality of training opportunity. He himself offered his experience at service of the whole group and not only of his team.

I look forward to seeing this experience repeated in different countries.

Maria Silvia Viti

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