‘’Be Friend – Take Friend’’


‘’Be Friend – Take Friend’’
The Organizers of EYOC 2014 and accompanying races Strumica Open 2014- Orienteering Club ‘’Edelvajs’’ from Strumica, Macedonia made one very interesting and very successful campaign named ‘’Be Friend- Take Friend ‘’.
What actually refers this campaign?
The organizer will provide Free Accommodation and Food for 250 competitors from 12- 18 years old who will participate at Strumica Open 2014 races which will be held in the period between 25 July – 29 July 2014 . During the same period in the same town, Strumica ( Macedonia ) , will be held EYOC 2014, between 25-28 July 2014.
Young competitors will be accommodated in homes of 250 young students at the same age from the local schools. Each student will take one competitor at his/her home as his/her guest and will provide accommodation and food for the competitor during the competition.
Our aim with this campaign is to develop orienteering as sport in our country in a way that our students are making friendship with competitors and learn more for orienteering as sport and on that way we will increase their interest to involve themselves in orienteering.
Second positive side from this campaign is that, as organizers of EYOC 2014 and Strumica Open 2014, we will allow to 250 young competitors from different clubs and countries to come and follow EYOC 2014 in live with low costs and in the same time take part and compete in accompanying races Strumica Open 2014. The competitors just have to cover their Start Fee cost.
We had the same campaign last year during our international competition Strumica Open 2013 and there were 150 competitors accommodated for free. It was one successful experience as for competitors as well for students –hosts. They made one interesting new friendship so when the day for departure came there were a lot of hugs and tears because of departure. After that our club increased the number of new members interested to train and learn orienteering.
That’s why this year we decided to repeat this campaign for Strumica Open 2014 races but now including bigger number of competitors.
We are sending You our flyers, as a promotional material and poster, special made for this campaign , one is for competitors-guests and the other is for our local students-hosts.
One of them was published at the social network Facebook and sent to all National Federation’s and club’s mails to inform the officials and coaches if they are interested to apply for this campaign . The other poster,for our student, we put it in more places in local schools to inform the students and teachers.
It is our pleasure to continue thinking and invent new ideas in the service of development and promotion of orienteering.
Thank You,
Orienteering Club ‘’Edelvajs’’ Strumica, Macedonia

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